👾Future Ecosystem Expansion

In this section you can read about future ecosystem ideas the team will be proposing to be voted on by the community.


Looking towards future expansion, the O2T token is poised to play a crucial role in Option2Bet, a crypto gaming and gambling platform intended for a mature audience. The O2T token will provide liquidity and serve as a key currency within this entertainment ecosystem, our platform is ideal to handle the transaction volume of a betting/gaming application. Our community can read a brief description below on how Option2Bet would operate;

O2T Token Usage

Instead of using fiat currencies like the US dollar or euro, users deposit and play with Option2Trade token on our Option2Bet platform. Popular cryptocurrencies could potentially be introduced for betting such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and others.


Our crypto betting platform will leverage blockchain technology for transparency and security. Smart contracts may be used to automate and facilitate betting, ensuring fairness and trust between participants.

Global Accessibility

O2T platforms are accessible worldwide, allowing users from different countries to participate without worrying about traditional banking restrictions or currency conversions. O2T token will facilitate cross border transactions to provide a fair opportunity for users all around the globe.


The Option2Bet platform will offer a degree of anonymity as users do not need to disclose personal information or financial details. Transactions are recorded on the blockchain, but the identities of users are not always directly linked to their betting activities. This grants our users a degree of privacy to game confidently.

Tokenizing Everyday Markets

Creating markets for tokenized Real World Assets (RWAs), exploring tokenization and blockchain-based assets can create new opportunities for asset trading and investment, offering unique value propositions for our platform. The process of tokenization involves Blockchain and NFT technology, taking assets in the real world and giving them digital properties to be traded online at the speed of light. This increases world trade and opens opportunities for people located in restricted locations to trade along side everyone else in the world.

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